Antipop – Wake Up

Tekst pesme

I’m 24 today, 25 is on the way
As we moving on, 30 is knocking on my door
“I’m gonna stop wasting my time
I’m gonna do something with my life”
I hear this echo every day
Ringing throught my mind

If I could wake up
Somewhere else
If I could wake up
I want to choose, I want to live
I wanna do all the things that set me free

Seems like everything I do is falling apart
So many misses, so many shots in the dark
What’s gone wrong, what happened to my life
To much questions in the air
But no answers in sight

When every brand new day
Looks like a brand new day in hell
And morning coffee tastes like poison
And watshing TV is the only fun I can get now
Then I thing the time has come
To change the address