Dragana Mirković – Red Ferrari

Tekst pesme

Yo, meeting me at
Eight o clock tonight
And I m telling you
You won t be sorry
Nothing is better
Than a sight
Of you, driving off
In your Ferrari
You can tell me
That you love me
Or never say a word
I just don t care
It s allright
Cause what I like
When we re in your
Ferrari people stare
Big deal, you and me
No romance, you
Don t know fantasy
So what s the reason
That we are together
It s in your wheel
Your car, your red Ferrari
Knocks me out
It knocks me out
Your car, that s what
Our love is all about
It knocks me out
Step on it baby, your
Red Ferrari turns me on
It s tough of you to
Show me your machine
I m coming out it
Slowly, steady
So, disco shoots
Already looks to me
Getting on the move
You know I am ready now