Hladno Pivo – MTV

Tekst pesme

Lying in my bed
Feeling very sad
Thinking whether to die
Or to masturbate

Looking for a blade
Want to make an end
I would like to cut my veins
But I am too afraid

Watching MTV
Feeling like a creep
Many tons of tits and ass
And nothing is for me

Oh, how much I despise
All those sleezy, smiling guys
Always knowing what is “in”
What to eat to be slim

(But) The only thing I really need
Is something tough and masculine
Nice brave guys in uniforms
Comradeship in easy wars

The only thing I really need
To improve my self-esteam
Is an enemy, a rifle
And something to fight for

Impossible it seems
That they are human beings
I wonder if they ever have
To shit or take a leak