Smoke Mardeljano – This is

Tekst pesme

This is my step and this is fight back
It could be a strike if the mothafucka’s want slap
This is mic check, you don’t have to like that
Fuck the world with limits and without look to right, left
I’m a mothafuckin’ punk and I know it
But I go with a flow and I got some skill to show it
It’s coming from the Belgrade and it’s coming from the street too
Like to show respect ’cause I’m enthusic for my people
Do the right thing, step the fuck back
Your bling-bling is wack-wack
I’ll put you in the black pack
This is not the black jack, stay cool with your moves
‘Cause I’m gonna piss on you if you disrespect the rules
When I step into the room got some kung fu in my style
And a sniper with a zoom
And you will feel it, if you don’t believe me
But you can’t see me until I come nearly
From the dark to your face, through your body
And before you even think to move everything is bloody
It’s understandable for you to feel the fear
Mothafuckas know who’s the illest mothafucka here
This is true speak – underground music
What about some new shit? Fuck that, it’s bullshit
Ragga roll style also can do freestyle
Voždovac is in the house and fuck the police, man
I’m standing on the stage like dog ready to bite
‘Cause if it is about what I like you won’t see the strike
This man is ready to fight, it’s all about the feeling
I’m walking steady through night while people disappearing
This is my place and I know every corner
And you don’t want to see the every part of my persona
I also recognize the snitches on the street
And you don’t wanna fucking know what the I’m dealing with
This is hip-hop, my peeps are like “Spit some”
When you take the microphone your peeps are like “Shit son”
What the fuck with this man, it’s not even funny
And I try to understand that but they only have the mumbling
I ain’t got respect for that, you can call it as you like
But you can’t say it’s rap
Can’t say it’s real thing, true speaking hip-hop
And I ain’t have to explain the shit ’cause simply it’s not